How to Sell During Instagram Filtering

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With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the change in people’s lifestyles, the online business market has gradually flourished, and online buying and selling has also gained a special place among most people. Instagram was also a good platform for creating an online store and selling products directly and without intermediaries through business owners. In this regard, many new businesses were created, and bloggers earned good income from advertising other businesses.

However, this free virtual space has always been accompanied by the threat of filtering and closure, until the internet was nationalized and almost for Iranian audiences, the free space of Instagram was closed, and now, only through VPN, access to this place is possible, which is no longer available to many people.

During this time, many businesses that only knew Instagram as their only way of selling have faced a decrease in sales. On the other hand, the followers of these people who were already customers no longer have easy access to Instagram. In this article, we are looking for solutions that can help us in selling during Instagram filtering.